Mozart Secondary Spanish Honor Society obtains awards at PASF of Texas

PASF is a youth organization which was founded in 1927 as a national organization.  Texas joined the organization in 1943.  The purpose of PASF then, as now, is to offer students and teachers a better opportunity to learn more about all the Americas and the Spanish speaking world, thus fostering cordial relations among these peoples.

The competition consists of the following categories: Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Civilization. This year in contest, there were over 1,400 students testing.


Students placed in the following categories:


Grammar Lvl. III

Maria Luisa Rodriguez – 2nd Place



Israel Hernandez – 3rd Place


Reading Comprehension Lvl. III Native Speaker

Esli Contreras – 4th Place


Listening Comprehension Lvl. III

Adelheid Maldonado – 5th Place