Vanguard Academy Guardians compete in the Special Olympics Track and Field event!!

On April 27th, the Vanguard Academy Guardians competed in the Special Olympics Track and Field event in Weslaco, TX. Tyler Aguirre helped kick off the festivities as a torch bearer during the opening ceremony. Then, Tyler, Matthew Hernandez, Ricky Huerta, Melina Garcia, Oziel Rodriguez, Leah Hernandez, Luis Garda-Valladares and Patricio “Pato” Garza all competed in the 50yd dash and softball/tennis ball throw. Each student-athlete shared the day of sportsmanship with various school districts from across the Rio Grande Valley. Some won medals, others won ribbons, and all made their coaches and loved ones proud. Coaches in attendance were Pam Luna, Denyse Morales, Richard Arteaga, Daisy Garcia, Becky Ayala, Veronica Almeida, Bernie Almeida and Stella Huerta. Ultimately, it was a day of strength, family and triumph for all who were blessed to be there.