Mozart Elementary students bring home many awards from the TEAM regional and state competitions!

The Texas Elementary Art Meet TEAM is a PreK-5th grade UIL Art competition similar to VASE in High School. The students submit a strong art piece and write about how they incorporated the elements of art, principles of design, and any challenges they faced while creating it. The artworks are then judged and rated by other art educators across the Region. Students who receive a Top rating have their artworks published in the TAEA Website and receive a gold medal.

Students from Mozart Elementary compete at the TEAM event at Gonzalez Elementary in Brownsville. Mozart students are: Sophia Barajas, 5th grade, Arnulfo Barajas, 3rd grade, Valeria Cabrera, 5th grade, Aribella Lopez, 4th grade, Justin Rodriguez, 3rd grade, and Mallory Varela in 5th grade. Students were chosen for exhibiting great use of elements of art and principles of design in their artworks. Their works were submitted to our TEAM Regional Director and were judged during a week-long session by other art educators across the Region. Each of our student artists has shown tremendous dedication to their God given talents and have exhibited a proactive attitude towards continuing their artistic abilities. Because of their hard work and dedication, each student was awarded a perfect score and a medal at the TEAM event on May 18th, 2019. We are so proud of their accomplishments, thus far, and continue to pray blessings over each of their future endeavors. Arnulfo Barajas’s photograph was rated a perfect score and selected as one of 5 Top of TEAM qualifiers from our Region One schools and the second in our Vanguard district. A Top of TEAM rating is equivalent to receiving a Gold Seal at a State Art competition. Arnulfo is a member of the Knights Photography Club as well as an active athlete in our school. He is a talented visionary who has an eye for artistic photographs. His vision for his photograph was to combine an image of something or someone of importance to them and an image of a texture. Arnulfo manipulated a digital camera in order to combine the two images into a new one with a significant vision. His photograph reflected his love for sports as well as his creative vision through photography. Arnulfo is a joy to have in my Art class with his vibrant personality, creative vision, and humor. We are extremely proud of his determination to be one of our campus photographers and his dedication to his artwork.