Vanguard Rembrandt TSTEM Early College Academy GEAR UP/ College First Architecture Math Camp

This Career Exploration CAMP and Math & Architecture CAMP were hosted in partnership with College 1st, Vanguard Academy & GEAR UP. The video and pictures feature just a glimpse of the CAMP experiences. In these camps, students engaged activities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture, Math, and Health. The College 1st Team strives to provide Vanguard Academy Students the best college and career success experience by engaging them in academic-enrichment activities and mentorship opportunities. College 1st works with these students in designing their future and linking the existing school resources and programs of study with their high school, college and future career plans. This work is only possible with the strong partnership established with the Vanguard Academy Administration, College 1st Program, and our GEAR UP staff. 
For the full photo album please visit this link! Videos below.