Rembrandt Secondary Students Present at the Annual Student by Student Technology Conference.

Four of our students were selected to present at the 3rd Annual Student By Student Technology & Leadership Conference (SbySTech18). The primary goal of the conference is that it will empower student presenters to be leaders of their own future in the area of technology and innovation, as well as provide a platform for students to showcase technology best practices.


Their presentation topics and description are as follows.


My Robotics Experience- Taylor Sweet, Eduardo Cabrera

Students shared about their experiences in the local, regional, and state competitions with robotics. Taylor shared how she gained experience and great skills through her participation in FTC and FLL robotics as the programmer of the team. She gave advice to the audience who was entirely students and gave about the computer science and engineering/robotics industries.  Eduardo presented about his involvement in SkillsUSA Robotics Urban Search and Rescue along with Seaperch underwater robotics. He shared the details of his building process and how he was able to accomplish State advancement in SkillsUSA. Both students promoted the audience to join a robotics program in their school.




Cybersecurity: Protecting the Future - Amadeus Duteramine, Gabrielle Pamintuan

Gabrielle and Amadeus presented a detailed presentation about what cybersecurity is, why it is important, and what is needed to protect data and critical services from attack. They also shared their involvement in school clubs such as the Vanguard Academy cyber command club and the cyber security club at STC. Both Gabrielle and Amadeus hold officer positions in these clubs in which they competed in the National High School Cyber Defense Competition called Cyberpatriot. They earned a platinum rating and competed in the state regionals round. Cyber Patriot is a cyber defense competition where students enter a simulated IT environment that is plagued with cybersecurity vulnerabilities and must resolve them in under a specific timeframe. 


More information will be posted on the Region 1 website and added shortly.  

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