Rembrandt Secondary Seniors will participate in the Young Entrepreneurs of the RGV Challenge.

The Young Entrepreneurs of the RGV Challenge accepted 9-12th grade students who are enrolled in a Career and Technical Education program in the RGV. The challenge is for teams to create a business idea, develop a video pitch through teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills. A final presentation of a topic/idea of their choosing will be prepared and presented in person for the top teams. The schedule of the competition is listed below.


November 7th: Event Kickoff and Seminar

November 15th: Submit intent to compete notification by email.

December 13th: Pitch video due

January 9th: Preliminary Judging of Video

January 11th: top finalists notified

February 7th: Business development workshop

May 8th: Young Entrepreneurs of the RGV Summit


This challenge was developed in partnership between RGV LEAD, UTRGV, Workforce Solutions and the RGV Partnership Foundation. 


Good luck to our students!!!!!!!