Rembrandt Secondary TAFE students take the gold at Regionals

Rembrandt Secondary TAFE club students excel in the TAFE Regional Competition at Harlingen High School on Saturday December 15th. A total of 23 students will advance to the state championship. The state championship will be held February 28th through March 2nd in Dallas, TX. Please see the full results below. 

Great Job to all the students and to their sponsor Mrs. S. Barrera. 

TAFE State Qualifiers:
National Events:
• 1st Place Exploring Support Careers: Jesikkah Martinez (10th)
• 2nd Place Exploring Non-Core Subject Teaching Careers: Cameron Gonzalez (12th)
• 1st Place Public Speaking- Jabes Gallardo (11th)
• 1st Place Inside Our Schools Presentation: Jabes Gallardo (11th), Aaron Aguilar (12th), and Ignacio Gonzalez (12th)
• 2nd Place CTE Lesson Planning and Delivery: Gabriel Sanchez (11th)
• 1st Place Creative Lecture (TED Talk): Maya Baez (11th)

State Events 

• Chapter Scrapbook: Aileen Galvan (11th), Kayla Espinoza (11th), Bryanna Barrera (11th)
• Leadership Project: Kimberly Pena (11th) and Kayla Espinoza (11th)
• Elementary Bulletin Board: Jackie Garcia (10th) and Julissa Cruz (11th)
• Secondary Bulletin Board: Douglas Ruiz (12th) and Roldan Rodriguez (12th)
• 1st Place Parliamentary Procedure Team: Eduardo Cabrera (12th), Cesar Garza (11th) Aileen Galvan (11th) Maya Baez (11th) Jesikkah Martinez (11th)
• Chapter Teaching Project: Eduardo Cabrera (12th) and Jesikkah Martinez (11th)
• Chapter Recreation Project: Jasmine Barrera (11th) and Lizeth Gonzalez (11th)
• 1st Place: Professional Development: Devany Ochoa and Brithany Garza
• Teacher Created Materials Elementary Division: Kimberly Vazquez (10th) and Sylvia Gonzalez (10th)