Vanguard Middle School Students had an Outstanding Participation in the UIL Academics Competition!

A big congratulations to our UIL Middle School Academics team for their outstanding performance at our District meet in Santa Rosa at Jo Nelson Middle School this past Saturday, February 9, 2019. 

6th grade-Impromptu Speaking 

1st place- Ivana Fonseca 

6th grade Calculator 

4th place- Aaron Cantu 

6th place- Christopher Casarez 

7th grade- Spanish Oral Speaking 

5th place- Nikksa Cuellar 

7th grade- Oral Reading 

2nd place- Carabella Torres 

7th grade Calculator 

5th place- Nikksa Cuellar 

8th grade- Oral Reading 

4th place- Natalie Segovia 

8th grade Calculator 

6th place- Eduardo Gonzalez 

8th grade Spanish Oral Reading 

4th place- Osvaldo Martinez