Parent Testimonials

Vanguard Academy will provide children a reason for learning, in a safe and friendly environment. Its purpose is to prepare students to be successful in their education, create positive learning habits and work ethics, prepare students to be successful in their careers, teach them to be responsible and respectful. Vanguard Academy will build positive self-esteem by challenging students to be independent thinkers with good character. It intendeds to concentrate on teaching students the highest standard of academic and give opportunity to express their own unique gifts and talents. WE WELCOME YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, JOIN THE VANGUARD FAMILY



Bienvenidos a nuestra familia de Vanguard Academy. Nuestro distrito se enorgullece en brindar a los estudiantes una razón para aprender, en un ambiente seguro y amigable. Nuestro propósito es preparar a los estudiantes para tener éxito en su educación, crear hábitos de aprendizaje positivos y ética laboral. También capacitamos a los estudiantes para tener éxito en sus carreras, enseñarles a ser responsables y respetuosos. ¡ÚNETE A LA FAMILIA DE VANGUARD ACADEMY!

Guerra Family Testimonial 2019-2020
Reyna Family Testimonial - 2019-2020
Martinez Family Testimonial -2019-2020