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Vanguard Academy Charter School-Title I Parental Involvement Policy

Mission Statement

Vanguard Academy Charter School, the entire school staff, students and parents/guardian will build a

partnership and are committed to provide support, resources and academic rigor to ensure that all students

achieve educational and social excellence.


Statement Purpose

Vanguard Academy Charter School administration, faculty, support staff, parents/guardian and

community shall develop, agree upon and distribute to parents/guardian a written Parental Involvement

Policy and School-Parent/Guardian- Student Compact. This policy will set expectations and establish a

framework for quality parental involvement participation. This will be achieved as part of the district’s

improvement plan. Vanguard Academy Charter school values the role parents/guardians play as their

children’s first teacher and the influence of their continued support toward enabling their children to meet

the state’s student performance standards.


   The following policy is in compliance with the legal requirements of ESSA. This policy will be

available to all parents/guardians of Vanguard Academy Charter School and is distributed

annually through the Student-Parent/Guardian Handbook.

   The Title I Parental Involvement Policy and School – Parent/Guardian-Student Compact will be

reviewed and distributed to parents/guardians during the fall of the school year through

registration, Meet the Teacher, Open House, special called meetings or other campus-level


   The School-Parent/Guardian/Student-Compact will outline the means by which parents/guardians, school and students will share responsibility for improved student academic achievement and mastery of the state’s high standards. An annual review and revision is required for the district’s and campus-level improvement plan process. Vanguard Academy encourages parents/guardians to discuss the compact with their child/children and teachers.
   An annual Title I public meeting will be held in the fall to inform parents/guardians of the

district’s participation in Title I, Part A and it’s requirements. The parents/guardians will also be

informed of their right to be involved.


   Vanguard Academy will offer a flexible number of meetings SBDM, LPAC, special called and/or

campus level to ensure the planning, review and evaluation of Title I, Part A programs, including

Parental Involvement Policy and School-Parent/Guardian- Compact.


Vanguard Academy Family Engagement Plan