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Texas Wellness Campaign


As our staff continues to work diligently to provide remote instruction and meals to all students as well as continue district operations, Vanguard Academy Staff follows all local, state, and federal recommendations in social distancing and infection prevention. Food service staff that prepares meals for our children follow strict guidelines implemented by the Texas Department of Agriculture and Texas Department of Health Services. All of our staff and campus meetings are now held online. Together we can slow the spread of COVID-19 and SAVE LIVES!!



You can spread #COVID19 without knowing you have it. Whether you have symptoms or not, #StayHome. If you have to go out, wear a mask/bandana/scarf, regularly wash your hands, and stay 6 feet apart. We must stay #ApartTogether to slow coronavirus.


Common symptoms of #COVID19 are fever, dry cough, & shortness of breath. If you have mild symptoms, call your doctor & #StayHome. If you develop serious symptoms, such as trouble breathing, pressure in the chest, or bluish lips or face, call your doctor & seek care immediately.


Los síntomas comunes de #COVID19 son fiebre, tos seca y dificultad para respirar.Si tiene síntomas leves, llame a su médico y quedate en casa.Si desarrolla síntomas graves, como dificultad para respirar o presión en el pecho, busque atención médica de inmediato.


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Puede propagar #COVID19 sin saber que lo tiene.Ya sea que tenga síntomas o no, quedate en casa.Si tiene que salir, use una bandana/bufanda, lávese las manos regularmente y manténgase a 6 pies de distancia.Debemos permanecer separados


You hear it all the time during flu season: wash your hands to prevent the spread of flu. You may have heard advice encouraging you to do the same to stop the spread of COVID-19. But do you know why this simple practice works so effectively? Washing your hands with soap and water breaks up the molecules of the virus and washes them away, preventing the virus from infecting you or others.



To be able to effectively and reliably break up the virus cells, you must wash your hands thoroughly and vigorously for at least 20 seconds. Doing this can be incredibly effective! In fact, a study showed that when a group of elementary aged school children participated in supervised handwashing 2-4 times per day, the spread of a similar virus was reduced by 47%


While it is important to wash your hands, it is also important that we all regularly disinfect surfaces.


COVID-19 has been shown to live for up to three days on various surfaces. If you must leave your home for essential services, be sure to wash your hands as soon as you return and disinfect any surfaces you may have touched. If someone in your home is ill, it’s also important to regularly disinfect. Applying soap and water plus commonly used disinfectants to frequently touched surfaces will break up the virus and carry it away, in the same way soap kills and carries away the virus on your hands.


We hope you and your family are able to regularly take these simple steps, which will help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and help your family to stay well. For more information on preventing the spread of COVID-19, visit



The Vanguard Academy community must work together to fight COVID-19. Head to for vitally important public health guidance to stop the spread. If we stand apart as a community now, we will be together again soon.


La comunidad dea Vanguard Academy debe trabajar en equipo para luchar contra COVID-19. Visite la página para obtener información vital sobre como detener el contagio. Si nos mantenemos separados ahora, estaremos juntos más pronto.

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Practice Social Distancing

To avoid the spread of COVID-19 in our community, practice social distancing:

Avoid going out in public

When in public, keep six feet of distance between you and others

Follow guidance provided by local and state officials.

Get more information at and…/…/prevent-the-spread

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Practica el distanciamiento social

Para prevenir la propagación de COVID-19 en nuestra comunidad, practique el distanciamiento social:
• Evite salir en público
• Cuando esté en público, mantenga una distancia de seis pies entre usted y los demás.
• Seguir las recomendaciones de los funcionarios locales y estatales.
Obtenga más información en y…/…/prevent-the-spread

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Parents, Students and Staff,
Please review the graphic below from the Texas Department of Health Services. This graphic shows valuable information to keep yourself and others safe.