2019 Youth Creative Writing and Bookmark Design Contest WInner

The South Texas Book Festival is a celebration of culture and imagination by linking readers of all ages with authors, performers, and publishers, and fulfilling the mission of the McAllen Public Library as a place where people and ideas meet and connect.
We wish all of our 2019 Youth Creative Writing and Bookmark Design Contest participants a heartfelt thank you for participating, and we are proud to announce the 2019 winners! All entries were on the subject “The Spirit of South Texas.”

When I sat with Alissa on the chilly December morning her calm almost shy demeanor put me at ease. I thought about the questions I would ask her and about how Mr. Alvarez and I assisted not just her but all of our participating students to try and put their best foot forward during the South Texas Book Festival. Alissa was one of very few who absorbed every ounce of feedback and took it to the next level. She in fact drew that award winning bookmark three times until she got it just right. The “El Valle” bookmark design beat out a few hundred other designs from all around the 956. A proud moment for twelve year old Alissa.

Since my short time at Vanguard Beethoven I have met many wonderful students both talented and driven but one such student stood out just a bit more. Enter Alissa Salinas. Born in Mission, Tx and now residing in Edinburg, TX. She is blessed with an older brother and a younger brother too. She took an interest in art since her 5th grade year, and especially in graphic style art work like logo design. Alissa also takes pleasure in contour line drawing and sketching portraits of family members. And when she’s not creating her next winning artwork Alissa can be found doing some of her favorite activities like riding her bike or ice skating.

Alissa envisions herself as becoming an artist or possibly a math teacher in the near future. And judging by her calm demeanor and prolific artistic output she can definitely achieve and even surpass her future plans. In many ways Alissa is an average girl who loves pizza while watching Marvel’s Avengers movie series but behind that tranquil 12 year old lies the storm of creativity waiting to be unleashed and win many, many more awards. She is a born champion.

                                                                                                    - Mr. D. Cortez, Art Teacher, Beethoven Academy