Technology Department





Vanguard Academy recognizes the evolving changes that occur with technology and how technology plays a vital role in education. Technology integration into the classroom supports and enhances traditional education activities while also improving the efficiency of district functions. With the availability, use, and training of technology, Vanguard Academy ensures to prepare all students for success in college and future careers.



Mission Statement


The Vanguard Academy Technology department will support the integration of technology into the classroom to ensure students develop 21st-century skills and become productive citizens in our modern world. Our goal is to fully support Vanguard’s mission of “A Purpose in Life and A Reason for Learning” by providing high-quality technology systems, support, and training that meet industry standards and abide by Local, State, and Federal guidelines.


Core Values

  •        Service before self
  •       Continuing Improvement
  •       Excellence in service
  •       Positive can-do Attitude