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Special Education Department

The Vanguard Academy Special Education Department is entirely committed to meeting the individual needs of all students who have been identified with a disability.  Our primary goal is to ensure that students with disabilities receive necessary services and every opportunity to achieve their true potential in academics, extracurricular activities and post-secondary ambitions.  All students will build a positive self-esteem, be independent thinkers with good character, express their own unique gifts and talents and be provided "A Purpose in Life and A Reason for Learning.”

Special Education students are provided services and supported by accommodations and modifications in the general education classroom, to the greatest extent appropriate, and sometimes with co-teachers and paraprofessionals within the learning environment.

Resource Class
Resource classes are designed to provide instructional assistance to students in mainstream classes. Development of organizational, study, and/or social skills may also be emphasized.

Content Mastery Class
Students receiving special education services may attend Content Mastery Class for modifications of the regular curriculum, methods, and/or materials as defined by the child's ARD/IEP. 

Homebound/Hospital Programs
Homebound and Hospital programs are available to students who are expected to be confined at home or in a hospital for a minimum of four consecutive weeks as documented by a physician.

Regional Day School Program for the Deaf
Vanguard Academy maintains a partnership with RDSPD and it is intended for students ages 0 to 22 with a hearing impairment. Services are provided to eligible students in a variety of instructional settings.

Psychological Services
Students with emotional or behavioral disorders may be provided counseling, therapy and other guidance based on individual need and ARD decisions. Staff members who offer assistance to students with such needs also receive training and guidance regarding how to best service these students.

Social Work Services
Students in need of coping and other life skills are serviced and coached by certified state social workers as part of the School Climate Transformation Grant.

Visual Impairment
Services are provided to children from birth through age 22, who have been identified as visually impaired. The unique needs of the child with visual impairment are addressed for children of all developmental levels.


Assistive/Adaptive Technology
Vanguard Academy conducts necessary evaluations and offers assistance to eligible students who the ARD committee and Assistive/Adaptive Technology Team determine would benefit from an Assistive/Adaptive device.

Occupational Therapy
This service is provided for developmental, corrective and other supportive services required to assist a student's motor skills as specified in the ARD/IEP.

Physical Therapy
This service is provided for developmental, corrective, and other supportive services required to assist a student as specified in the ARD/IEP.

Speech/Language Therapy
This service is provided for the evaluation and intervention of communication disorders of articulation, language, fluency and voice. Provided for eligible students whose communication skills adversely affect their developmental and/or academic skills.

Transition Planning
Vanguard Academy has established partnerships with various entities, i.e., Texas Workforce Commission, South Texas College, University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley, etc., and has emphasized planning process that addresses students needs and expectations after high school. 


Other Related Services
Provided as needed to assist the student with a disability to benefit educationally, as specified in the ARD/IEP.


The Special Education Information Center (SPEDTex) provides resources and interactive features for increasing family awareness of disabilities and special education processes, with the goal of improving partnerships between schools and families.

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