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PEIMS is the abbreviation for the Public Education Information Management System. It is a data collection system for gathering student, staff, financial, and organization data from school districts and education service centers.

All Texas School districts are required to adopt and maintain a student accounting system, which includes procedures that will ensure the accurate collecting, recording and reporting of all student accouting data. This data is reported to the Texas Education Agency via the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS). State law mandates participation in PEIMS.

We are committed to data integrity in our collecting, entering and reporting data by training and striving for accuracy in our data reporting throughout the school year.



Ada K. Estrada
PEIMS Coordinator

Ada Garcia
PEIMS Coordinator Assistant





Alba Cortes​
Attendance/PEIMS Clerk
Rembrandt Secondary

Cristina Rodriguez
Attendance/PEIMS Clerk

Rembrandt Secondary

Pam Vargas
Attendance/PEIMS Clerk
Picasso Elementary

Jessica Colon
Attendance/PEIMS Clerk
​Mozart Elementary

 Grace Sauceda
Attendance/PEIMS Clerk
​Mozart Secondary

Andrea Herrera
Attendance/PEIMS Clerk
​Beethoven Secondary

Paola Gonzalez
Attendance/PEIMS Clerk
​Beethoven Elementary