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Welcome to Vanguard Academy Human Resources!

Vanguard Academy strives to create an exciting, challenging, and rewarding work environment. We want you to build a successful relationship with Vanguard Academy and be a happy and dynamic member of our school community. Quality educators are today’s treasures in society.

Vanguard Academy Vision Statement:

Vanguard Academy is committed to instilling a sense of responsibility and accountability for students, teachers, staff, parents and administrators. Our goal is to accelerate student’s academic success through effective teaching practices, parental and community involvement and administrative support. Vanguard Academy is about recommitting ourselves to the highest standards of education rather than minimum skills. Our vision focuses around the following quote: “A Purpose in Life, a Reason for Learning.”

Our Human Resources Department is committed to providing valuable services through our capacities and core values.
Director of Human Resource
Melissa Morales

Human Resources Assistant

Eunice Gonzalez

Human Resources Assistant

Edith Quintanilla