Congratulations to All Mozart Secondary Athletes what an awesome year!

 A man awarded a nonhereditary title by the sovereign in recognition of merit or service, this is a Knight. All of the student athletes you see before you are worthy of being recognized by our community as one. They fought through adversity, improved each day, and became dedicated to the craft of their perspective sport. If I would say that our students worked hard, i'd be selling them short. The perseverance and will that they showed was one of a kind. Growing together as one team, with one goal. It began with cross country as our Middle School Boys team  became champions of their division. Both of our Lady Knights Volleyball teams reached the playoffs for the first time in school history. Junior Varsity earning a Co-Division Championship, and they always showed up to play each game like it was their last.  As we approached our basketball season it seemed that success and motivation had started to be spread throughout our campus. Bringing both of our boys teams hard work to be rewarded by a playoff birth of their own. Our Junior Varsity boys played a playoff game that will never be forgotten, and well, our Middle School Boys showed up and brought us a trophy that reads "Regional Champions". An achievement that's one of a kind. Soccer is said to be one of our strong points, as all of our teams were playoff bound before our season was cut short. Yes, Middle School Boys & Girls and Junior Varsity Boys & Girls, all four teams. Our students here at Vanguard Mozart Secondary are truly blessed with a strong will and work ethic like no other. All of our staff, teachers, and administration are truly proud to call them OUR students. With all of this being said, please help me in recognizing all of our 2019-2020 athletic teams! Including our Most Improved and of course our Most Valuable Players. Thank you for allowing us to coach you, cheer for you, and be part of your journey. Remember Knights, this is just the beginning. We have plenty of work to do, but let this be the foundation for great years to come. Go Knights! - Coach Alvarado